Paint ‘n’ Draw, One ‘n’ All!

Age Suggestion 6-16

July 8th-July 12th

10am – 3:00pm

A day in the life of July Art Camp looks somethin’ like this…

9am – Wake up & get your tired butt to art camp!

10-12 – Well hello & good morning! Let’s paint a masterpiece to completion!

12-1 – Eat your packed lunch & let’s chat about all those paintings with an informal critique.

1-2:45 – Let’s draw! Every day we will add a little more to one amazing drawing until completion


Have fun painting a new piece on canvas each morning with acrylic paints (all supplies included)! Learn different painting techniques–blending, proportion, stroke styles, light source & more. Each afternoon, we will learn from each other as we eat our packed lunches & critique our morning work. After break, we will learn the basics of drawing for about 1-1/2 hours. The students will each create the drawing of their choice (still-life or a recreation of an existing illustration). Each day we will continue with the same drawing in order to achieve one nished piece by Friday. We will learn different styles of Pencil Shading, Proportion, Basic Color Knowledge, and Light Source. Finally, we will end each day with a popsicle in the shade! Our last day of camp will be a special day where we also prepare for the art show. We will matte/frame our drawings & set up displays–Learning how to properly exhibit the artwork we’ve created all week! Snack donations appreciated for the show.

 Cost (due at registration)

(Painting supplies & Matte covered in cost)

$195 (Register by June 21st)
$215 (Just show up!)
$43 per individual day
$25 Sibling Discount

Supply List

Sketch Book
Pencils: H, 2B, 6B
Kneaded Eraser
Prisma Colored Pencils

Registration Form

Saturday night, August 10th: COMBINED STUDENT ART SHOW!
Family & friends encouraged to join us

Fine Arts Submersion Week

Age Suggestion 12 (mature) to adult, bit more advanced with longer personal study in painting and drawing

August 5th-August 9th

Time varies upon request

This year, week 2 will be a more intense painting/drawing week so a level of maturity is requested. Painting sessions will be longer and more focused on exploring your own skills and style while creating your individual landscape or still life painting. A quiet focus is of essence, along with the desire and ability to stay attentive for a longer period of time. We will also work on the underground structure of painting….drawing! We will focus on shapes, angels, lights & shadows which will all enhance our painting skills.
(Time frame varies in order to be in a cooler setting as we have an opportunity to paint landscape outside.)
2 hours Drawing Still-life Indoors
5-5:30 Lunch/Dinner
3 hours Painting Outdoors

Saturday night, August 10th: STUDENT ART SHOW!
Family & friends encouraged to join us