Here’s how it works–
The Blank Canvas Splattered comes to you!

You gather up some friends (make it the fun ones!), put out some grub, and Nicole will handle the rest! For about 2 hours, your group is lead step by step thru to a finished painting that everyone proudly takes home that night!

We also paint Wine Glasses & Coffee Mugs! Call for info: 856.309.5280

My studio includes–
Original Painting (chosen by you!)
Easels • Canvases • Paints • Brushes • Smocks

Why?…um, why not?
Girls Night Out, In!
Couples Night
Business Morale Building–I come to your place of employment & make a ruckus!
Parent/Child Date
Community Painting Programs
School Specials Activity–during or after school!
Children Programs

Host(ess) is FREE with a certain # of guests (minimum # dependent on area)
$25/pp Weekdays
$30/pp Fridays & Saturdays
$20/pp M-F with parties beginning by 11am
$50/Adult Couples
$40/Parent-Child Couples, $15 each additional family member
$20/Children Sessions, $24 Adult tag-alongs

Unavailable on Sundays