Adult Painting Events

Girls Night Out & Couples Paint, Retirement Communities, Moms Clubs, Business Morale Building, Park & Rec Clubs, Campgrounds, etc.

Ladies Night!
When a bunch of ladies get together….oh my! What happens at paint night, stays at paint night! Ladies, you work hard, let’s celebrate nothing–TOGETHER!

Couples Night!
Its different. It’s relaxing. It’s just fun! Here’s the norm: Men come in with a grumble and walk out in a strut! Seriously, within 20 minutes, they’re hushing the ladies because–”I’m painting!” And that transformation is super fun to watch!

Community Events
Painting Parties build moral! Why not offer this program in your community? Adult group paintings are created with intention to keep a larger group attentive. In essence, they’re a bit less involved. All fun, no stress!

$25/pp M-Th
$30/pp Fri-Sat
$20/pp M-F prior to 11am
Unavailable Sundays

Group pricing is intended for large groups where the facility is offering the workshop & payment is beind made by the organization:
$24 pp 15 to 20 people
$22 pp 21 to 40 people