Paint Parties Are Great For Any Occasion

Great for birthday parties, girl/boy scouts troops, or any other get together for kids!

Great night with friends or join one of our public parties to meet new friends and learn to paint!

A great way to earn money for your organization.


I love to paint and I adore any opportunity to do so. BUT, my true passion is relationships.

I feel blessed that I’ve been given the gift of art as His means for me to build on existing relationships as well as create new ones–all thru the medium of paint!

We can go on for years without true connection–parents & their children, friends, spouses. No relationship is safe from the walls we tend to build. That’s where painting comes in!

When we paint, we meet at the same vulnerable place–A blank canvas! Everyone is on level playing grounds.... which in essence is breaking down walls, creating the perfect opportunity for conversation.

Real conversation–about life, your heart and what matters...what makes you laugh, what makes you mad or what makes you smile.

Those conversations...those are my mission! It is my passion to create opportunities for walls to fall and relationships to build–all with a bit of color on a blank canvas!

May I never lose sight or stray from this mission!